Our Investment Services

Overview of our Investment Services

We provide property investment services that enable you to make the most of your money through property without needing to have the time, knowledge or power team. At Tomes Homes we provide all of this so that it is a completely hands-free investment for you.

Savings Booster

Designed to make your savings work harder for you through property. With this option, you will get fixed returns on your money at a set interest rate that is far higher than any high street bank savings or ISA account. This is the most flexible option we offer and is suitable for those with cash in the bank that they want to see working harder for them with a fixed rate of return.

Portfolio Builder

We work with you to build you a property portfolio, providing everything necessary to get your properties set up well for the rest of your life – but with none of the hard work! We source the property, manage the refurbishment, deal with the legal process and set your property up with our lettings partner. The whole process is completely ‘hands off’ for you. You will also have the option to recycle your initial investment later and use the same initial investment to purchase multiple properties and build up your own portfolio.

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